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  • Periodic clinical exams

  • Radiographic imaging 

  • Bi-yearly scaling and debridement

  • Flouride treatments

  • Sealants

  • Tooth colored fillings/restorations

  • Laboratory porcelain crowns and inlays

  • Porcelain / gold crowns

  • All porcelain crowns and inlays

  • Tooth replacement 

  • Implant restoration 

  • Root canals

The Science of Prevention: Detection and Removal of Tooth Decay and/or Disease
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Temperomandibular Disease (TMJ)


  • Occlusal bite modification 

  • Day and night bite guards

Periodontal Disease Control and Maintainence


  • Diagnosing and controlling periodontal disease

  • Deep and fine scaling

  • Anesthetic controlled root planings

  • In and out of office antibiotic therapy.

The Art of Cosmetic Smile Rehabilitation / Smile Recontouring


  • Bleaching

  • Veneers

  • All Porcelain and/or zirconia crowns

  • Instant "SMILE LIFTS" using in office one day hand bonding

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